Inspired by my love for candle making and her special relationship with her mother, I opened Candles by Mimi’s Daughter, a boutique unlike any other in Palm Beach County! Our creations are hand poured using premium soy wax and premium scent whch makes our candles good for the environment and the aromas long lasting. Delightfully displayed pies, cakes and ice cream sundaes, teacups, beer steins and margarita glasses make you believe you are in a gourmet food shoppe! However these treats are meant for lighting not for biting 🙂


And what you see is only a portion of what you can get. All of our scents are available to be hand-poured in the color and jar of your choice. You name it, we have it, or we’ll make it special for you. Our boutique also offers fashionable clothing, trendy jewelry, Lindsey Phillips shoes, STAMP watches and other girlie things (sold in-store or phone order only).

– Tish